Mary O'Regan - Creative Director

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Mary O’Regan

Creative Director

Hey, it’s you! Glad you came by. Can I get you a drink? Mixed nuts? Let’s get to know each other.

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I’m passionate about the power of branding to inspire, engage & motivate people.

Right now, I co-lead the creative brand studio at Mozilla, the non-profit tech company that makes Firefox.

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Before that, I led copywriters on the Global Brand Creative team at Levi’s.

I now own more jeans than I ever thought possible.

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… bonus points if you caught that pun*

*Levi’s jeans are held together with rivets

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I love bringing a brand’s story to life.

Thank you

Mary & team

Like that time my team at Nordstrom helped Beyoncé launch Ivy Park, her activewear line.

No, I didn’t get to meet her 🥲

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My work is rooted in strategy and fueled by data.

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I led my team to create a narrative-driven microsite for Pocket’s Best of 2020 awards, which won a Webby for Best Website.

My background is in writing, but I have a crush on design

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And video. And production. And brand strategy.

I love leading a multidisciplinary team. 🥹

My team wrote the voice of Levi’s chatbot.

This was before robots came along.

We generated an 8% conversion rate!

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I started out in journalism, writing for magazines

Remember those?

Then I detoured through e-commerce and landed in the tech world.

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… where my team makes branded content, like the Mozilla video above that inspires people to feel big feelings (and use our products).

Here’s what I’m excited about lately:

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Creating faster and

better with AI tools

Helping brands

find their voice

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Surpassing business goals

Improving creative processes

So, whaddya think? Want to chat?

Give me a holler at maryeoregan ~at~

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actual footage of me

dancing at a wedding